185px-Black White Skyla
She appears in two games,which she is the Gym Leader of Mistralton in both:

Inside the redesigned Mistralton gym.

Pokemon Black and WhiteEdit

She appears as the sixth Gym Leader.She is a Flying-Type gym leader.She has on her team:Level 35 Swanna,Level 33 Unfezant,and a Level 33 Swoobat.

Pokemon Black and White 2Edit

She remains the Gym Leader of Mistralton City.The Only other known fact is that she will have a gym puzzle with air blowing The Player back.It is now confirmed that she is the sixth Gym Leader.She is also a Flying-Type Gym leader.She now has a tougher team of a level 39 Swanna,level 37 Swoobat, and a level 37 Skarmory.


If you look closely in the 2nd picture,she appears in the top left corner.

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